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Geometry Test-1

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ABC is a triangle. AB = 5cm, AC= √41cm and BC=8cm. AD is perpendicular to BC. what is the area of triangle ABD? (in cm2)?

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If the inradius and circumradius of a right angle triangle are 3cm and 10cm respectively then find the area of the triangle.(in square)

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If PQ=3cm and QR=4cm then find the length of ST?

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In the given figure, radius of a circle is 14√2cm. PQRS is a square. EFGH, ABCD, WXYZ, and LMNO are four identical square. what is the total area of all the small square?

sarkari vaccancy g5

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In the right angle triangle ABC, ∠B=90°, median AD and CE intersect each other at point O. If AD=66cm, CE=57 cm then find the perimeter of triangle ODE and also find OF?

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In ∆ABC, ∠A= 90°, AB= 16cm and AC= 12cm. D is the midpoint of AC and DE⊥CB at E. what is the area of ∆CDE?


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In a triangle ABC, ∠A= 90°, M is the mid point of BC and D is a point on BC such that AD⊥BC. If AB=7cm and AC=24 cm, then AD: AM is equal to____.

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In the given figure, if AB=8cm, AC= 10cm,∠ABD=90°, and AD=17cm, then the measure of CD is:

sarkari vaccancy g

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If a point P moves such that the sum of the square of its distance from two fixed points A and B is a constant, then the locus of the point P is ?

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In the given figure, ABCD and BEFG are equal of sides 8cm and 6cm respectively. what is the area (in cm2) of the shaded region?

sarkari vaccancy g4 2

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