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Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. At Remote Jobs (Assistant Shift Engineer)

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. At Remote Jobs (Assistant Shift Engineer)

Hiring Organization:- Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

Post Name:- Assistant Shift Engineer

Qualifications:- Bachelor Degree

Industry:- Private

Employment Type:- Full Time

Work Hours:- 8 Hours

Locations:- Odisha, India

Full Job Description:-

Expected set of responsibilities and Capabilities

Answering the Plant Director, the shift engineer is liable for the everyday shift activity of the 2 SMRs, ASU, Syngas, and coordinated gas turbine plants given the Air Items Kochi Plant and guaranteeing shift working group to work the plants securely and effectively to work with the accomplishment of the organization’s principles. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. At Remote Jobs (Assistant Shift Engineer),

Answering the Plant Administrator, the shift specialist will guarantee the smooth and dependable activity of the multitude of working units of the Air Items Kochi office.

Nature and Extension

The Kochi Plant is Air Items’ first completely possessed and worked plant in Quite a while; it addresses a critical speculation and incorporates “Best in class” innovation which makes it the most exceptional Hydrogen Plant inside the Partnership. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. At Remote Jobs (Assistant Shift Engineer),

  • The plant comprises 5 principal components: –
  • 2 x Enormous Technip Steam Methane Reformers (SMR) with Air Items public service announcements for H2 filtration.
  • A 18 MW Kawasaki Gas Turbine, coordinated with the two reformers.
  • An Air Items Air Partition Unit (ASU) Delivering Nitrogen and Oxygen.
  • Amine Framework for CO2 Expulsion (DEA), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. At Remote Jobs (Assistant Shift Engineer)
  • Cryogenic partition and purging of CO.

The client is Bharat Petrol Organization Ltd. (BPCL), Kochi treatment facility, and the Air Items plant is situated inside the client’s site. The items from the Air Items plants go straightforwardly to the client as a feature of their treatment facility development. There is an elevated degree of mix among BPCL and Air Items concerning feedstock, items, and utilities. The items are basic to treatment facility unit activities. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. At Remote Jobs (Assistant Shift Engineer),

The plants run on a persistent premise and there are serious areas of strength for high unwavering quality and high proficiency with legally binding punishments against Air Items for underperformance.

Air Items possesses, works, and keeps up with Hydrogen Plants and ASUs all over the planet with Activities in more than 50 nations, more than 80 hydrogen plants, and 350s ASUs. As such we have an abundance of skill and have deeply grounded work processes set up for the solid and proficient activity of our plants.

  • Plant Items (Rough):
  • Number of Direct Reports (estimated): Nothing. He will be one of the 4 shift engineers who work in movements of 8 hours term.
  • Head Liabilities
  • A high respect for the security of self and others.
  • Comprehend and have working information on Air Items EH&S frameworks processes including crisis readiness and occurrence of the executives.

Liable for the everyday activity of the HYCO plant in 8-hour shifts, including investigating plant process issues, straightforwardly overseeing day-to-day plant exercises, and answering to the executives. The Shift Specialist is expected to have the option to fire up, close, or put the interaction into a protected position, raising any unusual circumstances to the PM. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. At Remote Jobs (Assistant Shift Engineer),

Work close by the Tasks shift group to guarantee satisfactory nonstop working cover, and extra cover whenever expected in the event of spontaneous circumstances, fire-up, and activity, guaranteeing 24-hour stable activity.

Distinguishing support concerns and carrying them to the notification of the Plant The board expeditiously and afterward organized with the upkeep group and executed remedial/protection measures. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. At Remote Jobs (Assistant Shift Engineer),

Working with other Shift Designers and backing assets to accomplish efficiency targets.

Work with the utilization of, and consistency to AP EH&S principles to such an extent that EH&S execution persistently improves, and execution targets are met. Issue licenses, guarantee logout tag out to work with hand, and, reclaim supplies according to the wellbeing convention. Control support exercises related to the interaction plant hardware. Comprehend different safe frameworks of work that mean quite a bit to safe plant activity. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. At Remote Jobs (Assistant Shift Engineer),

  • Capacity to execute crisis designs or respond to strange circumstances deliberately and proactively.
  • Report creation every day and produce day-to-day creation reports and other plant-related reports as expected by the plant board.
  • Keeping up with CW, and BFW boundaries as specified and guarantee checking of the boundaries including doing an investigation of a couple of basic boundaries like pH, conductivity, and so forth. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. At Remote Jobs (Assistant Shift Engineer),
  • Will organize with the client BPCL in regards to item necessities and guarantee correspondence conventions during typical and plant crisis circumstances.
  • Guarantee that the plant outflows and profluent are as per the Air Items prerequisites and guarantee appropriate correspondence with the plant the board for all plant necessities.
  • Issue grants connected with bound space, hot work, and all areas of security after going through legitimate well-being preparation as will be given in light of the organization’s preparation program.
Least Necessities AND Capabilities

Four-year certification in design. (Normally, Compound) or a BSc graduate or recognition in synthetic Innovation.

Direct involvement with the activity of huge Steam Methane Reformers for hydrogen creation or comparable advancements for instance smelling salts, methanol, and so on. Experience in Cogen and Gas Turbine activity would be a benefit.

2-3 years experience in gas, petrochemical, or related businesses ideally from Smelling salts, HYCO, or methanol process ventures with a science certification or min 10 years of involvement with the Smelling salts, HYCO, or Methanol process with an advanced education or confirmation in substance Innovation.

  • Experience in DCS. Siemens PCS7 will be an additional benefit.
  • Ready to deal with correspondence with clients.
  • Great specialized information in gas tasks and designing.
  • Familiar with oral English and magnificent composed English.
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. At Remote Jobs (Assistant Shift Engineer)

Top 10 Interview Tips For Getting a Job:

Absolutely! Here are my top 10 interview tips for getting a job:

  1. Research the company: Before the interview, research the company and the position you’re applying for. Look up the company’s mission statement, values, and recent news to get a better understanding of its culture and goals.
  2. Practice common interview questions: Practice answering common interview questions and think of examples from your past experiences that showcase your skills and qualifications.
  3. Dress appropriately: Dress professionally and appropriately for the job interview. Even if the company has a more casual dress code, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.
  4. Arrive on time: Being punctual is important, so make sure to arrive on time or even a few minutes early for the interview. This shows that you’re reliable and respectful of the interviewer’s time.
  5. Bring copies of your resume: Bring extra copies of your resume to the interview, in case the interviewer doesn’t have one or needs to reference it.
  6. Show enthusiasm: Let the interviewer know that you’re excited about the opportunity to work for their company. Express your interest in the position and what you can bring to the table.
  7. Be confident: Show confidence in yourself and your abilities during the interview. Make eye contact, speak clearly, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or clarify anything you don’t understand.
  8. Be prepared to answer behavioral questions: Many companies use behavioral interview questions, which ask about specific situations from your past experiences. Prepare to answer these questions with specific examples that showcase your skills and abilities.
  9. Follow up: After the interview, send a thank-you email or note to the interviewer. This shows that you appreciate their time and are still interested in the position.
  10. Be yourself: Finally, remember to be yourself during the interview. The interviewer is trying to get a sense of who you are as a person and how you would fit into their company culture. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, as this can come across as inauthentic.

Some rules are followed in good companies by good employees. About what you should know so that you may easily adapt them, given below.

  1. The company always wants you to be on time and you should be.
  2. Take less leave from the office.
  3. Focus on your work and try to learn more.
  4. Speak from your work not from your mouth.
  5. Keep on trying to get new things from your seniors, regarding your profile.
  6. Raise your point but only then when you are 100% sure about your point.
  7. Never hurry because haste makes waste.
  8. For earning some extra points than others. Just play out of your comfort zone.
  9. Always respect your seniors.
  10. Learn from mistakes made by you and others and do not try to repeat them.

Educational Qualification:

  • Candidates Who Have Passed Graduate or its Equivalent from a Recognized Board or University Are Eligible For this recruitment.
  • Kindly check the Official Notification for more qualification details. The notification Link Is Given Below.

Document Required:

Required Documents for This Recruitment: The candidate should have this Document Before Apply Online. Candidates Are Suggested To Read the Official Notification Before Applying.

  • Document – Qualifications certificate with mark sheets.
  • Passport size Photographs
  • Signature

How to apply:

  1. All the eligible candidates can apply for This Job as mentioned below
  2. Read the official notification carefully From the Official Website.
  3. Read the Notification Carefully Before Applying.
  4. Fill out The Application Form (The link Is Given Below)
  5. Attach the Required Document and Passport Size Photo with your Signature.
  6. Then Submit. Don
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. At Remote Jobs (Assistant Shift Engineer)